Working Agreement In Social Work

During this work, the inspectors noticed some common themes and problems. One of the most important ones I`d like to discuss in this blog was how social workers use written agreements to deal with family violence. „We were told that we had pushed our mother into a corner with too many conditions and rules. We obviously didn`t feel that this was true. In the end, the child was removed from their care and eventually adopted. The written agreement did not change the mother`s parenting; She simply did not agree with any aspect and did nothing to protect the child. Over time, they have become part of the accepted social work toolbox. We see them used again and again. However, there is little or no formal research to support their use. As an industry, do we need to discuss how and when written agreements should be used? Personally, I think so. A written agreement is a tool often used by the social protection of children (local authorities) when working with children and families.

They can be used when children are child in need plans, child protection plans or when they are in care and are the subject of a care procedure. She said that those arrangements could be put to good use in other areas of child welfare. She gives the example of family group conferences and how getting each family member to sign up for something for a child can be a positive step. The first thing to understand is that, whatever its name, a waiting contract is not really a contract. A contract is a binding agreement between two or more parties (natural or legal persons) that can be performed by a court. This is not a conference on contract law, but very simply, there are three basic elements of a contract, and without all three, it is not a contract: „The review added: „Good practice suggests that written agreements are an explanation of the concerns and advice of the local authority to a parent, that they are not a contract and therefore there is no obligation for the parents, sign their agreement. Whatever the terminology, I would like to see more debate between agencies about when and how a written agreement can and cannot be used positively. .