Vicroads Dealer Certification Agreement

This section provides detailed information on the dealer certification scheme and the used car sales agreement. If the documentation is complete and scanned, you must log in to my DeVicRoads partner account. If you meet the location and equipment requirements, you must enter into and sign an AFSACS agreement. This involves obtaining: as a new applicant, you have to pay a registration fee. Once you have been admitted as an AFSACS supplier, you will have to pay an annual fee. Your annual AFSACS supplier fee covers you for one calendar year. Below you will find the evaluation and certification agreement of alternative fuel systems to be completed: Find solutions to common login and account problems To help you meet the requirements, you may find our CHECKLISTe useful for the AFSACS agreement: If you have logged in, we will evaluate your application and you will receive an automatic notification, if your account is approved. This can take up to 10 business days. You must purchase liability insurance that will cover you for a minimum amount of $10 million, and VicRoads, as an interested party, will list requests for an alternative fuel systems evaluation and certification agreement should be addressed to VicRoads` vehicle Safety & Registration Services team.