Uncc Articulation Agreement

E-Mail-jami.dawkins@uncc.edu to register, for email transfer tips from UNC Charlotte Admissions, including information on student events in the central foothills and important appointment reminders. At unC Charlotte Transfer Events, the UNC Charlotte Admissions Office will be here to discuss the admissions process, university council and student life. We encourage all students from the Central Foot who are considering moving to UNC Charlotte to participate and ask their questions! The following independent universities and colleges support the articulation agreement for the transmission of the associate to the arts or associated with Science: The North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) is a national agreement that governs the transfer of credits between NC Community Colleges and NC publicities and aims to transfer students smoothly. The CAA gives certain assurances to the student passing on; for example: The best choice for a fluid articulation with the university is an associate in the arts or associate in Science Degree. Applied Sciences or General Education Diplomas have different blends of general education courses, choices and main courses, which are less easy to articulate with higher education institutions. Students who graduate from applied science and general culture, but that is not the intent of these programs. Again, the joint is not as smooth as with AA and AS degrees. The University of North Carolina campuses and the NCCCS are subject to an articulation agreement for the acceptance of transfer credits. This comprehensive articulation agreement defines courses, diplomas and college transfer policies accepted by the 58 community colleges and 16 UNC colleges and universities. including: David English, Representative Vice President for Academic Programs, Faculty, and Research The University of North Carolina System 910 Raleigh Road, PO Box 2688 Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Phone: 919-962-2620 Email: djenglish@northcarolina.edu UNC Charlotte Passport is a one-year invitation program for first-year students that allows students to spend their first year at Central Piedmont while using alternating university advice from both colleges.

Transfer Credit Action Procedure If a transfer student acknowledges that the terms of the CAA have not been met, he or she may follow the credit transfer procedure. (Annex E of the joint complete articulation agreement) The CAA gives certain assurances to the student who transmits it: the TAAP directive does not apply to private higher education institutions and universities that are part of the CAA. Angela Anderson, Assistant Vice Chancellor and University Registrar East Carolina University Uptown 207 Greenville, NC 27858 Phone: 252-328-6747 E-mail: andersona@ecu.edu To be admitted to the university unc-system, students under the age of 24 must meet the minimum requirements for the year of their high school diploma, as established by the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina. Applicants at least 24 years of age may be exempt from the minimum requirements of the course.