Shareholder Agreement Traduction Francais

A translation was found using examples discovered on the Internet. Incorporation , preparation of financing rounds, preparation for and negotiation of necessary financing (investment agreements, shareholders` agreements and corporate law documentation) Do you want to add words, phrases or translations? No translations could be found in the PONS dictionary. Unlike commodity futures, each futures contract (110) is not interrupted on the basis of power and cash market transactions continue until maturity. Futures contracts between an acquirer and a selling shareholder on the purchase or sale of an acquired business that later results in a business combination at a future acquisition date. For example, under the futures contract, a company buys back a number of its own shares for a fixed amount in cash. As a result, the swap/deportation factor of an over-the-counter futures contract relates to it. The invention is a standardized futures contract at calendar intervals, which is a futures contract on the difference between two consecutive months of standardized contracts. . Company A covers the diesel component of the supply contract using a diesel futures contract. The entity determines the harmonized swap-swap ratio by referring to the valuation of an over-the-counter futures contract whose essential terms would be exactly equivalent to those of the core transaction. Corporate law issues involved in reorganisations and financial restructurings (debt push-down structures, etc.) Acquisition financing/security order. Short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, more. Each contract can be a futures contract (500), an option contract (530) or a flexible futures contract (560).

Liquidation date: the date on which the final and irrevocable transfer of the value was recorded in the books of the institution that carries out the count. Contract maturities correspond to the performance dates of futures contracts, preferably monthly or quarterly. the fair value of the OTC futures contract for restructuring and transformations into corporate law (debt-push-down, etc.) This invention concerns a risk reduction system for swap agreements and a passport reduction system. Results: 153. Exactly: 153. Time: 169 ms.