Boeing Aircraft Purchase Agreement

10.3 All rights of Buyer with respect to such aircraft under this Purchase Agreement for the benefit of Buyer or Lessee from Boeing`s receipt of such Buyer`s or Renter`s express written agreement in a form satisfactory to Boeing, to be bound by and comply with all terms, applicable terms and limitations of this Purchase Agreement, to the extent applicable to such aircraft. Boeing grants Buyer the option to purchase eighteen (18) additional 787-8 aircraft (optional aircraft) on the terms described in this Letter of Agreement. (iii) Buyer may also redeem Training Points for the use of individuals from its maintenance subcontractors directly related to the maintenance of Buyer`s Model 787 in order to participate in Boeing training. 1.1 In order to provide a timely and appropriate response to any major emerging Boeing and/or supplier issues identified by Buyer management, Boeing will provide, free of charge, a Seattle-based senior 787 program executive who is responsible for Buyer`s EIS support. This manager will contact the appropriate organization and level of management within Boeing or the supplier responsible for resolving the problem or problem and monitor their status until they are resolved. Boeing`s intention is to respond within twenty-four (24) hours, resolve and promptly address issues that Boeing has received from CFM International, Inc. ==References==CFM International, S.A.) (CFM) the right to extend the terms of CFM`s warranty to the Customer as set forth below (hereinafter referred to as the Guarantee); subject to the customer`s acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth herein. Accordingly, Boeing hereby extends to the Customer and hereby accepts the terms of CFM`s warranty as set forth below, and such warranty applies to all CFM56-7 and CFM-LEAP-1B engines (including all modules and parts thereof) installed on the aircraft at the time of delivery or purchased by Customer from Customer to support Boeing aircraft, Except that if Customer and CFM have entered into or will in the future enter into a General Commercial Agreement containing such engines, the terms of this Agreement shall be superseded by the provisions of this Agreement and shall supersede the provisions of paragraphs 2.1 to 2.10 below, and paragraphs 2.1 to 2.10 below shall not be violent or effective, and neither Boeing nor CFM will have any obligation in this regard. In consideration of Boeing`s extension of the CFM Warranty to Customer, Customer indemnifies Boeing for all claims, obligations and liabilities arising out of the purchase or use of such CFM56-7 and CFM-LEAP-1B engines, and Customer hereby waives all such rights in all such claims, obligations and liabilities. In addition, Customer indemnifies CFM from all claims, obligations and liabilities arising out of the purchase or use of such CFM56-7 and CFM-LEAP-1B TRIEB work, unless CFM has expressly agreed otherwise in this CFM Warranty or Terms and Conditions between Customer and CFM, and Customer hereby waives all of its rights in all such claims, releases them and renounces them. Obligations and responsibilities.

Reference:Purchase Agreement #This product safety document is Appendix B and is part of Purchase Agreement #2924 between The Boeing Company (Boeing) and Northwest Airlines, Inc. 8.2.2 Â 1.3 Â 2Â 2Â 2Â 2Â Â 2Â Â 2.3Â Â 2Â Â 2 Â 2 and *** excluding insurance elements. This addendum adds the model aircraft 737145932ER; removes 737145632, 737-832 Option Aircraft and Rolling Option Aircraft from the purchase agreement and adds an expected price, configuration and delivery dates as well as advance payments for the 100 Firm and 30 Option 737145932ER aircraft. This written agreement amends the purchase agreement between Boeing and the buyer with respect to the 787-8 scale models (the aircraft). .